Saturday, August 23, 2008


Met up and had dinner in LA...
I think we haven't met up for like an year almost~ T.T
But, it was all worth it!!!
Thanks for the talks~ ^^

Met up with couple other people at Griffith Observatory...
I haven't been there since it re-opened~
It seems nice and clean...
It was really interesting...
Usually, I'm not a "space" sky hehehe
But, there was a lot to learn~

Didn't get any pictures while at the NRB T.T
I was too busy singing~ hahahaha
But, we spent like 2 hours there and headed off a cafe...
It was a Friday night and everybody is at the clubs so nobody at the cafe kkk

Came home around 3...
Ever since I came back from Korea,
I've been lacking sleep and food~ :(
Can't wait until school starts!!!!!

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