Friday, January 30, 2009


My internet has come back to life~!!!!!
So I would like to revive my blog with some images...

These images were taken at Salton Sea.
It was a spooky, but beautiful place~

If you want to see more, go to My Flickr

Monday, January 26, 2009

Kyung's B-day

We celebrated her birthday at Chuck E. Cheese.
It was fun... brought me back to childhood~ ^^
In the beginning, it felt weird because we were the only people without kids there.
But, later on, we didn't care...
Everyone was having fun eating and playing games~
In the last image, those are all the tickets that we won for her...
So, she ended up getting a gumball machine!!!!!
Crazy~ @.@

Monday, January 19, 2009

Salton Sea

This weekend we went to the Salton Sea to take some pictures~
We've been talking about it, but never went.
Finally... and it was better than I expected!!!!
It had an eerie feel and interesting~

The above image is from Salton City.
The shore was white because it was covered with some kind of salt and dead fishes.

These are from Salvation Mt.
The creator, Leonard, started this like 40 years ago.
He saw a blimp advertising Budweiser and he was motivated to make this...
Because he thought, "Why not evangelize this way?"

Our last stop... Bombay Beach~
Heard this place was once flooded...
So if you go there, everything is covered in dirt/salt.
And the colors were very mystic... interesting~

There are more images, but shot on film...
These are just some of the shots with my p/s.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Ol' Days

Couple of us went back to UCI for memories~ ^^
This was a lecture we crashed to see how the classes were...
One thing that changed was that almost everyone in the class had their own laptop.
When we were going to school, there wasn't that many...
And it was like 5 years ago~ ;;;;
First year in college, this was where we spent most of our time~
They totally rebuilt this place...
I liked it the way it was before.
They didn't have as many tables, but it was much cozier and felt like home!

This is the door of my room in the dorms.
Now, 2 girls live in there...
And I hope they are having as much fun as I did~ hehe

This is the apartment we lived in for a year~
It was a 3 bedroom with about 8 to 10 people living there.
I don't know how we survived!!!
Well, I wasn't there most of the time~ hahahahaha
Ray's Pizza...
The best place for pizza!!!!
The price did go up a little from before, but it's still worth it~ :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Great Day!!!

Today was a great day of spending time with great friends.
I realized how blessed I am to have such friends.
We don't have to see each other often...
Once we meet, it just feels right~
We laughed sOOOO much today...
I haven't laughed like this in forever~

Our day started off at my house by making some music.
It's so funny how we all have different taste in music, but somehow it blends well~
Then, we headed over to the mall and did some shopping.
Well, I just window-shopped~ ^^
Came back home and played some more music and, after, finally some food!!!!

Tonight, we also went to Riverside because there was an open mic session and my friend was playing.
It was AWESOME!!!!
He did a great job... everyone was really touched by his music~
He was like a celebrity!
Everyone loved it~!!!
But also, it was fun how while we were there, there was a little earthquake...
That was weird~
All in all, it was good to see everybody, ranging from different skill levels, just going up there and playing and singing with passion...

After, we stopped by a donut place that I know in Riverside and conversed a bit with the people there.
We also got free donuts and coffee!!!!
We are so grateful~ ;-)
On our way home, we stopped by to meet another friend at Denny's.
We chatted it up and ate AGAIN~ kkk

ah~ Too much food~~~~~~~

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Scanned Films

These are some scans I made at home...

I LOVE FILM!!!! ^^

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lack of Update

I haven't been updating~ :(
First of all, my internet is so slow and my wireless doesn't even work, so I only get to use the computer in the living-room when it is not occupied~
And, I haven't been shooting digital these days...
Now I have to wait for my films to be processed~ ^^
So... yeah...
Well, I am planning on going to the darkroom tomorrow, so I hope to get some good images!!!!
Wish me luck~~~~~~~~ hehehe

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Want To Sleep

The new year just started...
And I'm sick and I can't get a good sleep~ -.-;;;;
What is going on???

I guess I have a lot going through my head...
Time is just flying by and...
The worrying and stress gets worse and worse every year~ ^^

Thursday, January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone~!!!!!!!!