Sunday, November 9, 2008

So Strong~

I've been trying to workout, but still I was being lazy...
But I guess a little bit of workout makes a big difference~
Look at the tree I broke!!!! ^^

I'm pretty sure no one believed me~ :)
It was a lot windy these days, but I didn't think it was windy enough to destroy trees!

Be safe out there~!!!!


Audrey Noona :o) said...

Hi, Al!!! Wow, you have a new Blog and everything! It looks soooo nice. You're so talented! Looking at your pictures makes me burst with pride. :o) How are you doing?? You must call me when you're in L.A. -- your Noona misses you, you know!

Charles Kim, Jr. said...

i hate to see what happened to your gochu..muhahahaha

humanobserver said...

You were lucky to capture these snaps !

albertyoon said...

thanks noona!!!!
i will call you~~~~ ^^
i have to!
i miss you~ T.T

albertyoon said...

so sad jr.~

albertyoon said...

i took it later, but...
i wanted to take it before they cleaned it up~