Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Ghetto Weekend

Yesterday, I was part of a photography workshop for high school students at culver city.
It was an interesting and fun experience for me~ (I will explain in more detail and post images from the workshop on another day)
But the ghetto fun-ness started after... kekeke

I met up with couple of friends for lunch/dinner at Soup Plantation.
We had to go there cuz someone had a coupon... so the 4 of us ate for $5 each!!!!!!
ohhhhhhhhhh yeah baby~~~~~~~ ^^
Then, we headed over to my friend's place to watch the Laker game.
This was the first time I ever saw a whole complete game of basketball~ craziness!
While watching t.v., we had the munchies so decided to eat some nachos.
But, there was no cheese so we melted some American cheese, added some milk, opened up a box of Kraft Macaroni, and used the cheese from there~ hehehe
We got the cheese all ready, but we had no chips.
Well, there were some tortilla chips... which were stale.
So we busted out some Original Flavored Sun Chips... this was really good~ :)
And then, my friend decided to cut up some apples after...
But the funny thing was that it looked like she cut it with her teeth~! hahahahaha
After that, she decided to make caramel apples, which I didn't understand cuz she didn't have any caramel~ -.-;;;;
But of course, she said she could make caramel~ kkkkkk
So, she heated up a pot and got some sugar, milk, and See's candy and melted it all together~
(Was there any other ingredients?)
I thought it was pretty good, but a little too sweet~
And I also didn't understand why the apple was heated up too~ ^^;;;;

Anyways, it was too much fun~
I guess all this happened because we were lazy~ hehehehe
Until next time... we have to do this again!!!!

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