Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday was pretty busy.
I had to wake up early to eat Thai food for lunch with a neighborhood friend~
Then, my cousin and I had to head over to my school, which is in Costa Mesa, to return some equipments.
After that, we headed over to Santa Monica to meet some people from the UK.
I just showed them around Venice Beach and Santa Monica real quick.
The main thing we saw was the sunset and the pier.
For dinner, the guests wanted to eat some Mexican food, so, of course, we had to go to El Taurino~ ^^
But on the way there, I decided to drive by Koreatown, so they can she how similar it is to Korea.
They LOVED the food~!!!!! hehehe
Well, I'm glad~
It was a great day of chatting and eating! :)

Today, I didn't get to do much because I had to work.
But, I just wanted to say how I loved the weather.
I love it when it's super windy and cloudy~
It makes me feel good~ kekeke
Also, after work, I came home and my cousin and I went out to the park to do some lighting tests before we actually start to shoot our project.
It's gonna be good. It better be good!
Now, I gotta prepare my assignments for tomorrow...
Good night everyone!!!!


chris walker said...

Cool! Is that why i saw you in Santa Monica? You are always pretty much there?

albertyoon said...

hahahahaha exactly~ :)