Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This Weekend

Starting last Friday until yesterday, Monday, I was in Koreatown L.A.
I just started a new project based on Koreatown.
I guess I’m trying to document the things that I notice while there.
This is the first weekend that I started, but so far, it’s been fun.
I am going back to the basics… just trying to enjoy photography~!!!! ^^
I’m shooting chrome, so don’t have any images to post up yet.
But here are some things I did this weekend:

- shopping at old town pasadena
- taco stand in downtown l.a.
- late night dinner at jerry’s deli
- walked all around koreatown twice
- gallery opening reception in east l.a.
- 3 different coffee shops
- getty center
- kbbq
- pho

what a weekend~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hehe

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