Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Celebration

Eventhough I had Korean BBQ last night, I ate so much tonight too!!!!
It tasted sOOOOO good~~~~~
We were suppose to have it out in the open in the backyard, but since the weather was cold, we had it in the garage...
I think we could even start our own restaurant here~ ^^

We celebrated the birthdays of Lego and Cho PD today.
Of course we had to blow out the birthday candles twice because it is tradition.
We do it multiple times because the kids love to blow it out again and again and again~

This is our family taking a break from all the eating and just talking away.
When our family meet for a gathering, it is insane!!!!
We have like 10 different conversations going on~
But, can you believe that this isn't ALL of the members of our family????? hehe

Today Sushi Boy and I were busy playing Guitar Hero.
I didn't know it was so much fun!
I was instantly hooked!
Played it all day that my eyes hurt~ T.T

This is Soy Lee, the newest member of our family.
She is so cute, so smart, and so lovable!!!!!

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