Friday, May 30, 2008

A Musical Day

Met up with the Soriel guy and had a delicious Japanese dinner~
We ate so much... we didn't know what to do! hehe

This is JimBone preparing to teach the electric guitar.
I was there to just accompany him on the acoustic...
But I ended up learning a lot too~
Time well spent!

The people/church there had some really nice equipments.
I didn't get to play with it much because I was busy banging on the drums~ ^^

Later that night, we stopped by El Taurino to get some midnight snacks...
Tacos de lengua and Horchata!!!! Yum Yum!
And on our way to JimBone's house, there was an accident.
This red SUV ran into the hydrant and water was coming out of it like it was Old Faithful or something~ hahaha...
It was pretty cool... the water was bursting out higher than the height of the buildings!
But as you can see, we were too late and didn't catch the water...
The firemen got there too fast~ T.T

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