Saturday, October 18, 2008

Old Town

Had to stop by Art Center today...
So, we went to Old Town to hang out~ ^^
I purchased the "The Americans" by Robert Frank!
They came out with a 50th Anniversary~
This is a must have!!!!!!
We also ate some 21 Choices, but I have no footage~ :(

The first image is some kind of art piece...
A paper tag and pencil that reads "make a wish" is provided on each table...
And you are suppose to write down your wish and hang it on the tree~
The trees were filled up!!!
It was amazing~ ^^

For dinner, we went to get some rolls in L.A.
Yum Yum! :]

Today was ice cream day!!!!
We were watching American Gangster, which, by the way, is one of the coolest movie ever,
We, or maybe just me, were craving for some ice cream... AGAIN! hehehe
So, we drove to Westwood to get these ice cream sandwiches~

Why are there sOOOO many people????
It was midnight and there were too many people~

So funny because my buddy was trying to be a nice guy and gave a homeless guy some food instead of money...
Because you never know what they do with the money~
But, instead of being thankful, my friend got a long lecture about how he, the homeless guy, didn't want a hotdog and he wants money and stuff...
That was so rude~
Dang, he can't even be appreciative~!!!!
I feel like there is no reason to be a nice person anymore these days~
Man~ so sad!!!!


Charles Kim, Jr. said...

i would have shoved that hotdog up his dong ko mo

albertyoon said...

tell me about it~
i wanted to so bad!!!!