Saturday, October 25, 2008


7 of us went to this taco place in Tustin.
When they decided to get tacos, I was thinking some ghetto place~
But, to my surprise, it was this fancy Mexican restaurant!
It had like people drinking wine, interior was clean, there was a host...
Very high class~ (for some tacos~ kkk)
This was the appetizer.
I don't even know what it was~
It was like even before I could take out my camera~ hehehe

This is the large table where we sat.
Can't believe my finger is in the way and...
It looks like I took pictures of my stuff~ :)

What is this?
Sure looks good though~ Yummy!

This was our meal for 2 people~
2 lobster tacos, 2 crab tacos, and filet mignon fajitas...
It was a lot of food!!!!!
But, of course, we finished it~

We went to Lollicup after...
I have trouble ordering here because there is too much on the menu!
But I got the banana yogurt smoothie or something...
It was good~
But, a lot of people got the watermelon drink...
Guess it's really good.
I'll try that next time~

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