Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Good Ol' Days

Couple of us went back to UCI for memories~ ^^
This was a lecture we crashed to see how the classes were...
One thing that changed was that almost everyone in the class had their own laptop.
When we were going to school, there wasn't that many...
And it was like 5 years ago~ ;;;;
First year in college, this was where we spent most of our time~
They totally rebuilt this place...
I liked it the way it was before.
They didn't have as many tables, but it was much cozier and felt like home!

This is the door of my room in the dorms.
Now, 2 girls live in there...
And I hope they are having as much fun as I did~ hehe

This is the apartment we lived in for a year~
It was a 3 bedroom with about 8 to 10 people living there.
I don't know how we survived!!!
Well, I wasn't there most of the time~ hahahahaha
Ray's Pizza...
The best place for pizza!!!!
The price did go up a little from before, but it's still worth it~ :)


Charles Kim, Jr. said...

good times man, that was one fun day, lets do it again!

albertyoon said...

fo sho man~