Friday, January 9, 2009

A Great Day!!!

Today was a great day of spending time with great friends.
I realized how blessed I am to have such friends.
We don't have to see each other often...
Once we meet, it just feels right~
We laughed sOOOO much today...
I haven't laughed like this in forever~

Our day started off at my house by making some music.
It's so funny how we all have different taste in music, but somehow it blends well~
Then, we headed over to the mall and did some shopping.
Well, I just window-shopped~ ^^
Came back home and played some more music and, after, finally some food!!!!

Tonight, we also went to Riverside because there was an open mic session and my friend was playing.
It was AWESOME!!!!
He did a great job... everyone was really touched by his music~
He was like a celebrity!
Everyone loved it~!!!
But also, it was fun how while we were there, there was a little earthquake...
That was weird~
All in all, it was good to see everybody, ranging from different skill levels, just going up there and playing and singing with passion...

After, we stopped by a donut place that I know in Riverside and conversed a bit with the people there.
We also got free donuts and coffee!!!!
We are so grateful~ ;-)
On our way home, we stopped by to meet another friend at Denny's.
We chatted it up and ate AGAIN~ kkk

ah~ Too much food~~~~~~~