Monday, January 19, 2009

Salton Sea

This weekend we went to the Salton Sea to take some pictures~
We've been talking about it, but never went.
Finally... and it was better than I expected!!!!
It had an eerie feel and interesting~

The above image is from Salton City.
The shore was white because it was covered with some kind of salt and dead fishes.

These are from Salvation Mt.
The creator, Leonard, started this like 40 years ago.
He saw a blimp advertising Budweiser and he was motivated to make this...
Because he thought, "Why not evangelize this way?"

Our last stop... Bombay Beach~
Heard this place was once flooded...
So if you go there, everything is covered in dirt/salt.
And the colors were very mystic... interesting~

There are more images, but shot on film...
These are just some of the shots with my p/s.


Ki Young Kim said...
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Ki Young Kim said...

hahaha~ nice man~ I'll post up mine soon as I'm done with the wedding stuff hehe.

albertyoon said...

yeah dude...
i wanna see your shots~ ^^