Wednesday, March 5, 2008


A couple of us went to grab something to eat during our little break between class and today's topic was homeless people. Since I grew up in L.A., I grew up with seeing a lot of homeless people on the streets. They were telling me how there are homeless in the O.C., EVEN in Laguna. It's weird cuz I never saw any~
Anyways, I always thought about how homeless people became homeless. And the first thing that would come to mind is drugs. That's usaully the case. But, one of my friends was sharing how she became friends with this one homeless person and told us how he had come to that point. He gave up on his life once his wife passed away. As soon as I heard that, the first thought was that he must've really really loved his wife. He lost all his strength to live. He didn't care for anything and slowly but surely, he ended up on the streets.
I don't know how he feels right now, but it's still pretty sad~ And I know some might think that it's a bit dramatic, but I believe that this could happen to some people. My friend was saying that there are those people with a strong mentality that could overcome hardships. But also, there are those who are weak cuz there are two sides to everything. Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, Strong/Weak, Tall/Short...

Btw, is it politically incorrect to say "homeless people"?

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