Sunday, March 23, 2008

Warner Springs

Spent the weekend at Warner Springs and came back today.
It's a very nice and peaceful place...
and the hot springs was fabulous~ ^^
For breakfast this morning, we had scrambled emu eggs.
At first, I was kind of disgusted, but still willing to try it out.
It turned out to be really good!
Unlike regular chicken eggs we eat, it didn't have a smell to it.
Overall, tasted great scrambled with spam and onions! hehehe


chiaki said...

Happy Easter!!
I thought that's an chinese salted duck egg...
What's in warner springs?? Did you go to play golf over there?

albertyoon said...

Happy Easter to you too!!!!
They do have a golf course, but I just went for the hot springs~ kkk
Wait... this is what a chinese salted duck egg looks like???