Thursday, June 5, 2008


I was bored out of my mind so I started to walk around my neighborhood.
I ended up walking for 3 hours~ -.-;;;;
I wanted to take my dslr, but I knew how heavy it was going to get so I took my Nikon S1 point & shoot.
I drive by these places all the time, but never actually seen it up close.
It was nice to see it from a new perpective.
I realized people in Southern California don't walk very much.
I love it when I go to other countries and I have to walk or take public transportations.
I know that I could do the same things here, but it's just not the same.
I guess people here look at public transportations in a different point of view.
In other countries, it is the norm, but I feel like it is looked down upon here.
I don't know...
Maybe it's just me~
But for me, that was the reason I didn't want to ride it when I was young....
Because we use to make fun of people who did.
Now my thoughts have changed and would rather do that~ ^^
Especailly with the gas prices going WAY up!!!! :(
That's another story~!

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