Thursday, June 19, 2008

L.A. Day

I have been craving for some pho and today I got to eat it!!!!
Usually my cousin doesn't go with me, but he was craving it also today.
We got the rare steak pho, summer roll, and extra onions as usual~ ^^
AND we got free soft drinks because they were giving it for their grand re-opening.

Met up with Junior tonight.
We ate some good salad at CCC then went to get some gelatos!
Can't believe I had gelatos twice in one week~ hehe
I'm going through a crazy ice cream phase~
I'll do anything for ice cream!!!!! kkk

We stopped by Jimbone's house and he was playing the GTA as usual.
I feel that it's very vulgar and violent, but today, it was so hilarious!!!!
He started flying around in his JETPACK!!!! kkkk
Sooooo sad~ :)

Then, all 3 of us headed back to Junior's place.
I had to drop him off, but Jimbone needed to pick up his bike.
On our way, stopped by the liquor store so they can get their drinks and jerky~
It was very random for me~
We got to Junior's pad and chilled for awhile.

I just got home...
It was a long day even though I didn't do much...
I'm tired so I am going to hit the sack~
Good night!

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