Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Americana

Finally got a chance to hang out with Booty today...
It's been awhile~
Sorry!!!! ^^;;;;;

Went to go check out the new Americana.
It was whatever~
It's suppose to be similar to the Grove in L.A., but it's no contest!
I mean they have some stores that the Grove doesn't have and the design is similar...
But, it's just not the same~
The people, the enviornment, etc...
The Grove just seems more upper-class~

When we got there, everything was basically closed or closing, except for the coffee shops and restaurants.
So, we went to Cheesecake to snack on some stuff.
We splitted a frest strawberry cheesecake, which was delicious, I got a frozen ice mango juice, and I forgot the name of what she got~ ;;;;;
It was a good time to catch up on things~ ^.-
Hope to see you soon!

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